You can brand your EAgentC website with your own marketing look using the custom template feature.

The unfortunate reality in the eyes of most inexperienced home buyers or sellers is that from a first look, all real estate agents are the same. Now, we know this not to beKeller Williams EAgentC website true, but how do you break through to them, especially on the World Wide Web when you have only a few seconds to grab their attention?

Keller Williams offers a variety of solutions to customize your content via their EAgentC website platform, but what about the look of the site itself? While many website template designs are offered, what if you want to brand your EAgentC site with your own header or banner? Continue reading

Overlooking basic security practices on the Internet can compromise your marketing efforts, and potentially your clients’ personal information.

I work with a LOT of information, and fortunately over the years, I’ve been entrusted with a decent amount of secure information from my clients. I’m very protective Keep internet security and safety in mind always!of their private information, and take steps to keep it as secure as possible.

As for some of my clients however, I fear for their internet safety!

You’d be surprised how many people out there use the word “password”…FOR THEIR PASSWORD!

Many of us take such a simple security procedure as a password for granted. For some reason, maybe some people think their immune to the dangers and threats posed by hackers who would just LOVE to exploit your personal information, your bank account, your computer software (and hardware), and even your protected client information. Yes, maintaining passwords is a pain, but it’s a necessary evil in an Internet world that in some ways still resembles the wild, wild west of yesteryear. Continue reading

KWVIP’s favorite loan officer answers 10 questions about the new rules governing QM.

Martin Rodriquez

Martin Rodriguez

In January 2014, the Consumer Finance Protection Bureau instituted changes in mortgage rules to insure buyers meet certain criteria to qualify for a loan under what is known as QM.

In the 5 minute video below, Martin Rodriguez, Senior Mortgage Officer for Wintrust Mortgage at Keller Williams VIP Properties, answers 10 questions regarding QM, and provides an easy to understand summary of the new rules and why they are in place.

QM can affect the way your buyers are approved for home loans, so it’s important to understand its impact, and why the new rules were put in place.


Add value to your EAgentC website with customized focus boxes.

The tutorial below demonstrates how to add and edit focus boxes for your EAgentC website. Focus boxes allow you to provide more information and links for your site visitors in a layout that is functional as well as aesthetically stylish. This is another method of giving value to your potential clients by providing relevant information that can help them make the choice to use you for all their real estate needs.

How are you promoting your real estate business? Are you watching your bottom line?

Recently a thread was spotted on Facebook posted by a local business owner who had asked a general question about marketing. He wanted to know what the usual The art of target marketing in real estatereturn on investment (ROI) was for any advertising campaign. This was a very general question, and his reactions to certain questions implied that he expected to not make 100 percent of the money spent back on his campaign.

As the thread progressed with more questions and responses being bandied about, it was revealed finally that this person was able to track about a 25 percent return on his original advertising outlay. That means 75 percent of those dollars went to waste. Also, he only revealed the dollar amount received, not the total number of responses. Some quick math based on the one product this business was promoting showed that less than 20 people responded to the ad campaign. The campaign in question involved one of those coupon bundles that are mailed out to residential addresses.  Continue reading

Your impression by others can be made or broken by all sorts of means, from your grammar to how you drive.

We all have impressions of professionals that we encounter on a daily basis. Whether it’s your accountant, lawyer, or the clerk at your neighborhood grocery store, they How do you present yourself as a professional real estate agent>all come with a certain expectation of how they act within their job functions.

What would happen though, if your accountant sent you a financial statement that contained mathematical errors? Or if your attorney sent you a contract full of grammatical errors? What if your grocer didn’t know which aisle the bread was located? Or worse, what if you overheard your grocer talking smack about the guy in the deli department? Chances are you would probably feel rather awkward and even worse, decide you no longer want to do business in that store.

While we all perform targeted and strategic marketing to obtain and work leads, the fact is, you never know where your next lead is coming from, and it could be literally from anywhere. How you conduct yourself in public, whether you are in an official capacity as an agent or not, can make or break someone’s opinion of you as a professional. The following are three situations where you need to be considerate of your own actions and deeds in an effort to maintain others’ positive opinions of you as a professional.

How do you conduct yourself in public?

Have you ever had road rage? Have you ever been REALLY drunk at a party? Have you had conversations where you spoke negatively about someone else within earshot of people you don’t know? Finally, have you ever done these things since you’ve become a real estate agent? Continue reading

Video tutorial demonstrates how easy it is to embed a Youtube video directly to your KW marketing websites.

In the past few years, many agents have effectively used video to market their services and send out quick updates and information to their base. The good thing about Embed Youtube videos directly to your KW agent’s video technology is that you can shoot and upload a video from practically anywhere (Isn’t that right, Elgin Walker?).  Video marketing doesn’t have to be fancy or highly produced, although some agents do take advantage of more quality production. You can literally shoot from your office, your home, your open house listing…practically anywhere.

Ideas for shooting a real estate marketing video.

If you’re new to the idea of marketing yourself using video and don’t know where to begin, here are a few suggestions. Again, you can simply point your mobile camera, smart phone, web cam, or tablet and begin shooting. You can even record a video directly from your Youtube page. Continue reading

Using “Realtorspeak” to talk to your clients can result in confusion and frustration.

…I thought Fannie Mae was a candy factory in Chicago.” ~ Kathleen Madigan, Comedian

Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac, MLS, ARM, APR, COE, PITI

The real estate industry really does have its own language, doesn’t it? Agents frequently speak it among themselves, but how often do you catch yourself speaking it in front of your buyers or sellers? Do you by chance notice the big question mark that has replaced their facial expressions? All too often agents make the mistake of “talking the talk” without realizing their clients may have no idea what they are referring to. Nobody likes to feel stupid, so often they’ll just smile and nod along with you, even though inside they’re wondering what in the world you’re talking about.

Talking “Realtorspeak” to your clients can not only drive a wedge in the relationship you’re building, but can lead to misunderstandings that can have a broader negative impact on the transaction.  Continue reading

Social Media has become a boon to businesses everywhere, especially real estate. Are you using it effectively to drive leads?

Those of us who grew up before the advent of the Personal Computer could have never imagined there would one day be a means of getting in touch (And staying in Using Social Media For Your Real Estate Businesstouch) with friends, co-workers, distant relatives, childhood friends, elementary schoolmates, Army buddies, dormmates, old girlfriends, old boyfriends (With the ability to block both!), and anyone else we can think of. Many have even made friends through this magical device that’s…yes…FREE!

In light of this, many businesses and even real estate agents have changed their marketing format to include social media as part of their lead generation strategy; and why not? Again, these are no-cost, high exposure methods of getting your message out to your sphere of influence in a way you could have never thought of just a decade ago. That being said, we have to consider a few things when it comes to promoting your business using social media. Continue reading