Make sure your potential buyers and sellers are going to your correct website.

As they say, first impressions count. So what if someone happens across your information by accessing the agent roster either at, or through the Keller Williams VIP PropertiesThe art of target marketing in real estate Market Center site at

You may be surprised to notice that the website displayed is NOT the one you want people to see.

As it turns out, the agent roster will display only your EAgentC subdomain address (IE: unless you take the step to point the database to the website you wish to display.

The video below will show you how to change the settings in your Agent Website Administration tool so that your correct website is displayed to the world.

Copyright laws and enforcement is very much alive and well, even on the Internet.

We often tend to think of the Internet as one big, happy family. Well, most of the time! Especially with the advent of social media, we grab photos, stories, headlines, memes, etc. and Steailng images and content from the web is illegal.share them without consideration about who actually owns or created the content.

While there’s a fine line on social media where most content owners may look the other way, it doesn’t necessarily mean you have the right to use content you either didn’t create yourself, or have permission to use. This is even more important when it comes to content you use to promote your business by way of more traditional marketing methods, like your website.

Did you REALLY write that blog article? If not, do you have permission to use it on your site?

This happens quite often, especially with real estate blogs. An agent sees a great piece about the market on another website, then they do the old copy/paste right onto their own site…without so much as a nod to the original writer.

This is illegal, not to mention unethical. Copyright laws state that you cannot use the intellectual property of another for professional (or even personal) gain without their permission…period! There are exceptions in which you use excerpts or quote, and attribute the quote to the writer, although you should use them sparingly, and only to help expand upon the broader concept or message of your own article.  Continue reading

Modern technology has turned nearly everyone into a potential movie producer, but here are some do’s and don’ts for making a great listing tour.

It’s hard to imagine for those who have been in the real estate business for more than 10 or 15 years just how much things have changed from a marketing perspective. Tips and tricks for making a great listing virtual tourFrom email and IDX for your website, to social media and other easy-to-use marketing tools, we’ve definitely seen a shift in the level of control agents have over their marketing methods.

It wasn’t so long ago that a video tour of your listing might have been unthinkable, or at least not cost effective. Not to mention the time it would take to hire a videographer (Or even a good photographer), process and edit the video, and even distribute it either in a VHS or DVD. We take for granted how easy its become, and our ability to make our own videos using (now) standard software such as Windows Movie Maker and iMovie, both of which have automated slideshow making capabilities. Also, how easy is it now to share your virtual tour video on Youtube, social media and email?

Benefits of the Video Virtual Tour

There are several benefits to producing a video virtual tour. For one, it’s yet another value item you can use in marketing during your listing presentation. Also, people love movies, even if it’s a movie that has the same photos that you are using in the MLS. Finally, promoting your virtual tour listing is very easy through social media and Youtube. When tagged correctly,  your Youtube video can achieve great search engine return results…all part of the big marketing picture! Continue reading

Your listing photos can tell a lot about your marketing prowess, or lack thereof.

In life, but especially in business, it’s always good to remember that you never know who’s watching you. This could not be more true than in real estate. How we carry ourselves as professionals in ALL walks of life can make or break your next shot at business. This philosophy also holds true in your marketing efforts.

One of the biggest (and easily identifiable) marketing faux pas can be traced to listing photos. Remember, you’re not just representing the seller, you’re also representing yourself to OTHER potential sellers. Bad listing photos shows a lack of attention to detail, and tells not only your seller, but also potential clients, that you don’t take your work seriously. Continue reading

Easy to implement code that changes the background color ONLY on your Keller Williams EAgentC website.

EAgentC has a lot going for it. Its versatility to allow agents to market their own brand on the web, along with the ability to change colors and templates AND add as manyKeller Williams EAgentC website pages as you like is unparalleled in ease-of-use (And not to mention it already comes as part of your tech package).

The video below shows you how to change the background color of your EAgentC site by using a little piece of CSS (Cascading Style Sheet) code. Don’t worry, you don’t have to know what it is or why it works! Just watch the video. Also, here’s the code.

—copy below this line—

margin: 0px;
padding: 0px;
border: #000000 0px solid;
background-color: ;
background-image: url(“”);
background-repeat: repeat-X;
background-attachment: fixed;

—copy above this line—


You can brand your EAgentC website with your own marketing look using the custom template feature.

The unfortunate reality in the eyes of most inexperienced home buyers or sellers is that from a first look, all real estate agents are the same. Now, we know this not to beKeller Williams EAgentC website true, but how do you break through to them, especially on the World Wide Web when you have only a few seconds to grab their attention?

Keller Williams offers a variety of solutions to customize your content via their EAgentC website platform, but what about the look of the site itself? While many website template designs are offered, what if you want to brand your EAgentC site with your own header or banner? Continue reading

Overlooking basic security practices on the Internet can compromise your marketing efforts, and potentially your clients’ personal information.

I work with a LOT of information, and fortunately over the years, I’ve been entrusted with a decent amount of secure information from my clients. I’m very protective Keep internet security and safety in mind always!of their private information, and take steps to keep it as secure as possible.

As for some of my clients however, I fear for their internet safety!

You’d be surprised how many people out there use the word “password”…FOR THEIR PASSWORD!

Many of us take such a simple security procedure as a password for granted. For some reason, maybe some people think their immune to the dangers and threats posed by hackers who would just LOVE to exploit your personal information, your bank account, your computer software (and hardware), and even your protected client information. Yes, maintaining passwords is a pain, but it’s a necessary evil in an Internet world that in some ways still resembles the wild, wild west of yesteryear. Continue reading

KWVIP’s favorite loan officer answers 10 questions about the new rules governing QM.

Martin Rodriquez

Martin Rodriguez

In January 2014, the Consumer Finance Protection Bureau instituted changes in mortgage rules to insure buyers meet certain criteria to qualify for a loan under what is known as QM.

In the 5 minute video below, Martin Rodriguez, Senior Mortgage Officer for Wintrust Mortgage at Keller Williams VIP Properties, answers 10 questions regarding QM, and provides an easy to understand summary of the new rules and why they are in place.

QM can affect the way your buyers are approved for home loans, so it’s important to understand its impact, and why the new rules were put in place.


Add value to your EAgentC website with customized focus boxes.

The tutorial below demonstrates how to add and edit focus boxes for your EAgentC website. Focus boxes allow you to provide more information and links for your site visitors in a layout that is functional as well as aesthetically stylish. This is another method of giving value to your potential clients by providing relevant information that can help them make the choice to use you for all their real estate needs.